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For over 50 years, the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has led the world in peristaltic pump innovation, developing peristaltic and sinusoidal pumping products that do more than just move fluids, they improve the process. Watson-Marlow’s range of peristaltic and sinusoidal pumps, fillers, and tubing meet the demands of processes across all industries: from the heaviest of industrial manufacturing duties to the most precise and regulated sanitary processes. An installation base of over million pumps testifies to Watson-Marlow’s ability to deliver real value for life to its customers.

Watson Marlow’s unique peristaltic and sinusoidal positive displacement pumps are recognized by process engineers for their high quality, reliability and performance. Most industries have difficult pumping applications for which Watson Marlow offers the pump of first choice. With no costly valves, stators, or timing gears to maintain, our pumps are easy to install, simple to operate and inexpensive to maintain. Watson-Marlow is ideal for moving fluids that are:

  • Abrasive, corrosive, or aggressive
  • Shear-sensitive and must not be degraded
  • Valuable or high purity

Please visit the sector links below to see how Watson-Marlow can help you improve product quality, reduce cost of downtime, and simplify your process validation.

For more information on Watson Marlow Sanitary Pumps, please go to www.watson-marlow.com.

Watson-Marlow MasoSine, a world leader in innovative pump design, has designed and manufactured the pump for today’s most demanding positive displacement pump applications. Whether the concern is for maintaining the integrity of the product being pumped or simply being able to handle highly viscous products, MasoSine’s engineers have overcome the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to create one of the most efficient and reliable positive displacement pumps available.

The following MasoSine brochures are available for general information and for specific process or industry applications:

Peristaltic Solutions for Bio-Pharm Applications

Filling, dispensing or metering liquids in biopharmaceutical processes demands sterility and a high degree of precision to ensure the end product meets the industry’s strictly regulated quality standards.

For pumping or filling aseptically, nothing beats Watson-Marlow products. Offering a contamination-free single use fluid path, Watson-Marlow’s peristaltic technology simplifies cleaning validation and enhances the integrity of high purity upstream processes, purification, and fill/finish applications.

Whether selecting equipment for R&D, process development, or manufacturing, engineers around the world recognize Watson-Marlow pumps and Flexicon fillers for high quality, reliability, and performance.

Watson-Marlow Pumps

Manual, Automatic, and Profibus controlled pumps for metering, transfer, or dosing.

Flexicon aseptic filling systems

Complete range of peristaltic fillers from bench-scale to fully automatic aseptic filling, plugging, and capping.

Watson-Marlow Tubing

Range of biopharmaceutical grade tubing for peristaltic pumping and transfer use including platinum cured silicone, weldable Bioprene thermoplastic tubing, and additional USP Class VI materials.

Download Watson Marlow’s new pharmaceutical capabilities brochure below for an in-depth view on how Watson-Marlow can help increase productivity, improve accuracy and eliminate contamination.

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