Gemu Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

Gemu is a leading world-wide manufacturer of high quality valves, measurement and control systems. Fritz Muller established Gemu in 1964, and since that time, the company has developed internationally to now include manufacturing centres and engineering offices on every continent.

Gemu provides engineered control systems for a large number of sanitary applications including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets, food and beverage applications and fine chemical industries.

Please have a look through the following brochures for a valve for your specific application or contact Tri-Canada for assistance. Additional information on Gemu diaphragm valves can be found on their corporate website at

All of the following brochures provide specifications on Gemu diaphragm valves with 316L stainless steel bodies. They are available in fractional sizes, with both plastic (Type 611) and stainless steel bonnets (Types 601 and 612) and in 1-4 sizes, again with either plastic or stainless steel bonnets and as both manual (Type 673) or actuated valves (Types 687 and 695).

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