PBM Ball Valves

PBM has solutions for your valve applications

PBM valves offer the convenience of standard features with the option of customizing for a specific process. Most PBM valves incorporate PBM’s Adjust-O-Seal® design and many include the True-Bore® port design. Only PBM has the ability to provide Clean-In-Place / Steam-In-Place capability without process interruption. These are just a few of the innovations that help reduce processing costs and improve efficiency for our customers.

PBM’s Sanitary Ball Valves brochure provides technical specifications, dimensions and application data on all of the following valve styles: forged and cast bodies, 2-way, 3-way and multi-port valves, diverter port valves, tank bottom valves and clean steam valves. Additional information can be found at www.pbmvalve.com.

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