Bio-Pure Technology

BioPure Technology manufactures and supplies high precision sterile and non-sterile disposable bioprocessing flow path components, including sanitary hose barbs, Bio-Clamps, valve and adapters.

BioPure provides sterile, individually-packed components for GMP-compliant production. All components are manufactured from USP Class VI polymerics.

BioPure aims to simplify your production operations and reduce the length of your process validation.

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Bio-Pure Valves

The Bio-Pure BioValve is a precision restriction flow controller and shut-off valve for silicone tube for use in bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

  • The BioValve is profiled to minimize flow path turbulence.
  • The BioValve thread pitch is calibrated to 2mm per turn, permitting accurate estimation of flow restriction.
  • BioValves are moulded from glass reinforced Nylon USP Class VI.
  • BioValves can be repeatedly autoclaved at 134°C for 5 minutes and also can be irradiated at 60kGy (6Mrad) with no detectable weakening.
Bio-Pure Clamps

Bio-Pure BioClamps are nylon quick release clamps specifically designed to meet the needs of busy pharmaceutical and bioprocessing laboratories.

  • BioClamps are moulded from glass reinforced nylon USP Class IV
  • BioClamps reduce the distortion on polymeric components when subjected to heat.
  • BioClamps are more compatible with current Pharmaceutical and Biotech manufacturing with greater flexibility in operation and single use disposal.
  • BioClamps can be repeatedly autoclaved at 134°C for 5 minutes
Bio-Pure End Caps

Bio-Pure BioEnd Caps are designed to terminate a disposable manifold until an in-process new sterile connection is made.

  • BioEnd Caps are produced from DMF listed polypropylene compliant with FDA and USP Class VI.
  • Uniquely constructed pull-tab ensures easy removal of the cap.
  • Permanent moulded lot number identification to ensure total traceability.
  • Part number, size, date of manufacture, lot number and statement of compliance printed on the packaging for ease of identification
Bio-Pure Sanitary BioBarbs and Adapters

BioPure S-BioBarbs are produced from DMF listed polypropylene that complies with FDA and USP Class VI test protocols.

The oversized mono barb design facilitates a strong adhesion to the tubing and ties may not be required.

S-BioBarbs feature a true bore design through the entire connector, and the barb design ensures a smooth transition from tubing to adaptor, reducing turbulence.

The identical ID of barb and tubing allows complete full drainage along an unimpeded path.

A slight raise at the port of the tri-clover face ensures proper capture of the gasket.

Every barb has permanently moulded in it the production lot and size identification.

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