RathGibson Tubing

RathGibson, with their corporate headquarters located in Lincolnshire, Illinois, US, offers a comprehensive list of alloys to fit most common applications including:

  •   Stainless Steel
    •   Dupliex Stainless Steel
      •   Nickel Alloys
        •   Super Austenitic
          •   Super Ferritics/Ferritics
            •   Titanium

              Steel tubing

              Rath has been operating since 1952 and has long been the tubing-of-choice for sanitary applications throughout North America. Since 1975, Rath was producing welded stainless tubing to ASTM A270 specifications for food and dairy companies. By 1996 Janesville's electropolishing center became operational, producing 10 µ-in Ra and 15 µ-in Ra finish for high purity applications.