Saint-Gobain XFR, FGR, GCR and G-FDA Rubber Hoses

NEW Versilon™ XFR Hose

Saint-Gobain is pleased to announce the launch of Versilon™ XFR, an extra-flexible and lightweight suction and discharge hose designed for food and beverage transfer applications. XFR is lighter than traditional suction and discharge hoses, and its excellent flexibility also facilitates pump and tank attachment. The hose is compatible with many food product types such as dairy, beer, wine, and spirits.

Versilon™ FGR Food Grade Rubber Hose

The flexibility and tough construction of Versilon™ FGR hoses were specially designed for the demanding conditions of food processing plants. These hoses can withstand rough handling and high temperatures in a variety of applications.

Multiple fabric reinforcements along with a single-helix, galvanized steel wire enable the hose to flex easily, withstand vacuum, stand up to higher pressures and facilitate static grounding.                                                                                                                                             FGR Sanitary Rubber Hose A low cost, extremely rugged sanitary hose Inner tube: White nitrile-PVC blend, Cover: Gray EPDM with clear helix rod reinforcement. Sizes ½” ID through 4” ID. Temperature Rating: -40° to 250°F Full vacuum rating. Flexes easily, withstands vacuum and facilitates static grounding with excellent chemical resistance.

Features and Benefits

  •   Premium quality sanitary suction and discharge hose
    •   Cover and reinforcements designed to withstand harsh environments
      •   Specially designed to handle oil-based materials
        •   Imparts no taste or odor
          •   Handles a wide variety of products
            •   Extremely durable and flexible
              •   Full vacuum rating
                •   High pressure rating
                  •   Custom laylines available

                    Versilon G-FDA Food-Grade EPDM Rubber Hose

                    High Temperature Suction and Discharge Rubber Hose Versilon™ G-FDA is built for higher temperatures and more chemically demanding applications. It boasts our highest temperature rating for any non-fluoropolymer lined rubber covered hose. The non-PVC, non-butyl, all EPDM liner will not impart any taste or odor. A robust dual-helix wire reinforcement allows the EPDM liner to withstand full vacuum, making it the best EPDM lined hose for suction and discharge service.

                    Typical Applications

                    •   Ground meat
                      •   Bulk foods
                        •   Process transfer
                          •   Washdown stations
                            •   Hot CIP transfers
                              •   Load cell connections
                                •   Pump vibration damping

                                  Versilon GCR Crush-Resistant Hose from Saint Gobain

                                  Versilon GCR Hose features a mono-filament helix that allows the hose to spring back to its original shape after being twisted, kinked or run over with a vehicle. GCR conveys a wide variety of products and is especially suited for high trafiic areas such as receiving bays or raw product intake stations.The seamless tube of GCR Hose will not impart taste or odor making it ideal for applications in Dairies, Breweries and other Food & Beverage plants.