Saint-Gobain FGR and G-FDA Rubber Hoses

Versilon™ FGR Food Grade Rubber Hose

The flexibility and tough construction of Versilon™ FGR hoses were specially designed for the demanding conditions of food processing plants. These hoses can withstand rough handling and high temperatures in a variety of applications.

Multiple fabric reinforcements along with a single-helix, galvanized steel wire enable the hose to flex easily, withstand vacuum, stand up to higher pressures and facilitate static grounding.                                                                                                                                             FGR Sanitary Rubber Hose A low cost, extremely rugged sanitary hose Inner tube: White nitrile-PVC blend, Cover: Gray EPDM with clear helix rod reinforcement. Sizes ½” ID through 4” ID. Temperature Rating: -40° to 250°F Full vacuum rating. Flexes easily, withstands vacuum and facilitates static grounding with excellent chemical resistance.

Features and Benefits

  •   Premium quality sanitary suction and discharge hose
    •   Cover and reinforcements designed to withstand harsh environments
      •   Specially designed to handle oil-based materials
        •   Imparts no taste or odor
          •   Handles a wide variety of products
            •   Extremely durable and flexible
              •   Full vacuum rating
                •   High pressure rating
                  •   Custom laylines available

                    Versilon G-FDA Food-Grade EPDM Rubber Hose

                    High Temperature Suction and Discharge Rubber Hose Versilon™ G-FDA is built for higher temperatures and more chemically demanding applications. It boasts our highest temperature rating for any non-fluoropolymer lined rubber covered hose. The non-PVC, non-butyl, all EPDM liner will not impart any taste or odor. A robust dual-helix wire reinforcement allows the EPDM liner to withstand full vacuum, making it the best EPDM lined hose for suction and discharge service.

                    Typical Applications

                    •   Ground meat
                      •   Bulk foods
                        •   Process transfer
                          •   Washdown stations
                            •   Hot CIP transfers
                              •   Load cell connections
                                •   Pump vibration damping