LJ Star Sight Glasses

METAGLAS® is made by melting borosilicate glass inside a metal frame, which results in the fusion of glass and metal.
Upon cooling, the glass solidifies and the difference in the linear coefficient of thermal expansion between glass and
metal produces forces that create a uniform compressive stress throughout the glass. The unique properties of METAGLAS® also make it ideal for use with hygienic systems. MetaClamps® are available as sight glass caps for sanitary clamp connections and In‑line systems.

LJ Star Sight Glasses


Tri-Canada Compact Sight Glasses

• Used widely in the food, dairy and beverage sanitary processes to view products and fluids. This design is perfect for adding on to the ends of hoses.
• easier to clean than bolted styles
• less cost to repair than bolted styles
• clamp connections standard
• sizes available: 1", 1½", 2", 3"
• maximum temperature: 200°F (93°C)
• maximum pressure: 100 PSI
• body: 316L stainless steel
• sight glass: Borosilicate glass
• gasket: Buna



If you are an existing customer, with an account already set up, you may order by email by clicking on the link below. Pricing for same-day shipment from stock: 1" Tri-Clamp Sight Glass: $115 1 1/2" TC Sight Glass: $119 2" TC Sight Glass: $190 3" TC Glass: $335.


Tri-Canada Strainers & Filters

Tri-Canada Strainers & Filters are used in various fluid handling aplications throughout the Food & Beverage Industries.

Versilon Sight Flow Indicators

Versilon Sight Flow Indicators are used extensively in Food & Beverage Applications.  Versilon Sight Flow Indicators are constructed with a translucent heavy wall FEP tube that permits visual inspection of conveyed material. The FEP tube will not break in high stress applications. Sight Flow Indicators allow flow, aeration, turbulence and cleanliness check. Saint-Gobain offers a wide variety of Sight Flow Indicators: dip tubes, liquid level indicators, inspection ports, Flare-Thru flanged sight flow indicators and caged FEP sight gauges.