Tri-Canada Rubber Fab Single Pin Gold Clamp for Identification

Single Pin Sanitary Hinge Clamps are popular for easy assembly and breakdown of process lines and equipment. These special hinge clamps are a gold colour for easy inline identification of critical process connections. 

Kalrez® Tri-Clamp® Gasket - LS390

Kalrez® is a sealing product for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing applications where FDA and Class VI compliance is required. Kalrez® Tri-Clamp® gaskets are designed to address thermal and chemical resistance, compression set issues and high static friction, which can cause intrusion in the process line. Kalrez® gaskets are designed to address these problems by offering high hardness, low stiction and a high temperature resistance. These properties enable increased MTBR (Mean Time Between Repair). Because of its unique grey color, LS390 seals are easy to identify for proper material selection and application.