Versilon GCR Crush-Resistant Hose from Saint Gobain

Versilon GCR Hose features a mono-filament helix that allows the hose to spring back to its original shape after being twisted, kinked or run over with a vehicle. GCR conveys a wide variety of products and is especially suited for high traffic areas such as receiving bays or raw product intake stations. The seamless tube of GCR Hose will not impart taste or odor making it ideal for applications in Dairies, Breweries and other Food & Beverage plants.

Wash-Down Spray Nozzle

Rubber Fab's Wash Down Spray Nozzle is extremely robust and has a long service life due to its high-quality brass/stainless steel design. The flow can be adjusted from a fine spray to a concentrated jet, making the spray nozzle the right choice for a careful and efficient cleaning for nearly any professional application.