Behringer Sanitary Hangers

Behringer Hygienic Tube Supports are designed to meet the high demands of process piping in hygienic service applications. The automatic slope adjustment feature of the CH Series Dynamic hanger will promote drainability of the piping without imparting unnecessary stress into the piping. Drainability is a critical design feature in hygienic process piping. Behringer Sanitary Pipe and Tube Supports are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations and are offered with both an anchor or guide insert to meet the needs of any application.

Behringer CH Sanitary Tube Hangers

The innovative CH Series sanitary tube hangers design was developed with the input of engineers, contractors, end users. The tension ring connection allows the clamp bodies to self adjust, independent of the hanging rod, to the tubes slope. This attribute reduces internal stress on the tube, as well as eliminating an entire step during slope adjustment saving contractors valuable time. The combined use of the CH support and a telescopic stanchion permits line adjustment in the x, y and z axis’s. The ability to make these adjustments, while the sanitary tube hanger is secured to the tubing, eliminates the step of retesting the slope after the hangers have been mounted as a one-piece unit.

Behringer’s CH series tube and pipe sanitary hangers are 100% ASME/BPE 2014 compliant while conforming to specification SD- This means the CH series sanitary hangers have a rounded geometry and will adjust to accommodate operating conditions such as thermal expansion, thermal cycling, and other distortions while maintaining the required pitch alignment. CH Series Sanitary Tube and Pipe Hanger Specifications Size Range: 0.24 inch diameters through 6.05 inch diameter Hardware: 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel Finish: Stainless steel at a 25 RA Plastic: Polysulfone (Black; Anchor and Gray)

Behringer Sanitary Series Block Tube Hangers

Behringer block style sanitary clamp components can be quickly and effectively secured and are virtually maintenance free. The modular clamp design of these sanitary hangers assures greater flexibility in assembly, adjustment and stacking, as well as an endless variety of application configurations to suit every need. Standard hardware is 304 grade stainless steel. Type 316 grade stainless is available as well as electro-zinc plated carbon steel upon request. The injection-molded clamp halves have outstanding physical properties. They offer excellent di-electrical and acoustical insulating properties. Molded from Santoprene (and FDA regulated thermoplastic rubber) or Polypropylene, the clamp halves offer a wide range of thermal resistance.

All hanger clamp halves in the Sanitary Series incorporate a “smooth bore” contact surface between clamp and tube diameter. This concept was developed to prevent bacteria from harboring in any recesses. Behringer’s Standard, Twin and Heavy Series Sanitary Pipe Supports offer ribbed contact surfaces for greater clamping pressures. Standard, Twin and Heavy Series Clamp Halves are also offered with stainless steel hardware aluminum inserts for high temperature applications and accommodate pipe and tube diameters ranging from ¼ inch O.D. thru 30 inch O.D.

Sanitary Stainless Steel Hex Tube and Pipe Hangers

Sanitary Hex Tube Hanger with rubber and polypropylene inserts We offer economical stainless steel hex hangers in a variety of configurations: Hex hangers are available with or without half coupling connectors Both grommet style inserts or polypropylene collar type inserts are available Grommet style hangers have either standard rubber or high temperature Viton grommets. Sizes from ½” to 12” available in both tube and pipe sizes.



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