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At Tri-Canada, we value our customers and their complete satisfaction, so we try to make certain that quality control, customer service and value-added principles have been present every single day for the past 31 years, 1988 - 2019.

Sanitary Pumps


Replacement Diaphragms for Gemu, ITT and Saunders Valves

Tri-Canada carries a large inventory of replacement diaphragms in most common sizes and styles for all of the major North American diaphragm valve suppliers. We can ship same day and will add inventory specifically for your requirements. Please contact us for any replacement diaphragms that you require. NOTE: As high purity products for the Bio-Pharm industry,Tri-Canada will not sell generic or after-market diaphragms due to product liability risks. Diaphragms are wearing parts. They need to be regularly inspected and replaced otherwise malfunctions can occur, possibly resulting in hazardous situations. Please go to our REPLACEMENT DIAPHRAGMS page, under SANITARY VALES in the PRODUCTS section to see all replacement diaphragm specifications.

Fristam Pumps & Powder Mixers for Craft Brewers





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