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Introducing Pure-Fit® ZSV and Pure-Fit® ZSM Platinum-cured Silicone Hoses for Biopharmaceutical Applications 

We are pleased to introduce Pure-Fit® ZSV Silicone Vacuum Hose and Pure-Fit® ZSM Silicone Reinforced Hose for Biopharmaceutical Applications. Pure-Fit® ZSV contains wire reinforcement and is designed for vacuum applications. Pure-Fit® ZSM is designed for higher pressure applications where no vacuum is required. Both hoses are made from platinum-cured silicone tested to meet USP Class VI criteria. In the following link, you will find the technical performance data for these products. Pure-Fit® ZSM and ZSV are offered in lengths of up to 98 feet on select sizes.

Sanitary SS Fluid Handling Components including Food-Grade Rubber Hoses for Craft Breweries

Tri-Canada fabricates custom hose assemblies for your specific fluid transfer applications, with hose materials as specified for your process conditions and sanitary fittings crimped onto the ends of the hoses for optimum cleanliness. If your application is for hot CIP solutions, where TSSA will request additional quality control, please consider one of our CRN-approved hoses.

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