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High Purity & Single-Use Products plus Sanitary Fluid Handling Accessories

Tri-Canada is pleased to announce that we are now an Authorized Distributor for all HIGH-PURITY and SINGLE-USE Products from PURITY ONE.

Single-Use and Custom Hose Assemblies for All Your HIGH-PURITY TRANSFER NEEDS                           The single-use, made-to-order and plug-and-play hoses from Purity One™ are available in multiple high-grade materials to accommodate the needs of different biomanufacturing processes. From high-pressure hoses for today’s modern pumps to hoses with superior wear properties for peristaltic pumps, our assemblies are engineered to protect sensitive biomaterials while minimizing downtime. Purity One™ is different than other life science equipment suppliers. Our cleanroom-certified, single-use solutions and hygienic process products are known for their shorter lead times and best-in-class traceability. Our team of experts deliver a level of service and quality-assurance that is unparalleled in the biopharmaceutical market.

Cleanroom Capabilities

Two new TECH INFO articles have been recently added re Passivating vs Electroploishing Stainless Steel and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing is Shifting to Single-Use Systems. Please go to our TECH INFO page to see a complete list of technical articles.


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