VNE MaxPure BPE Fittings

Sanitary Tri-Clamp style fittings are most popular for the easy assembly and breakdown of process lines and equipment. Tri-Canada offers Sanitary Tri-Clamp fittings in T304 and T316L materials in 1/2” through 12” sizes.

Where cleanability of fittings is the issue, every step in the production process must be carefully controlled. Our production methods insure that no mechanical damage or flaws occur during manufacturing. The cleaning procedures incorporate multi-process degreasing and washing steps provided to eliminate any residues of hydrocarbons and stains, using pure deionized water. Our procedures and process capabilities result in the formation of a stabilized passive layer and increased corrosion resistance. 

We provide full traceability for each of our products by supplying all necessary production process data. Starting from certifications and incoming inspection of raw materials, through in-process quality control, final inspection, marking and packaging. The process is also completely documented with a unique job number for each BPE process component.


Tri-Canada is a proud supplier of the top product lines for biotech, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. We partner with the best companies to bring you an unmatched array of components to meet even the toughest application requirements. From tubing to single-use assemblies to pumping solutions, Tri-Canada has the selection you need with expert guidance to match, ensuring you get the right product for your application every time.

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