LJ Star introduces their newest product - MetaPlex Sanitary Window and Sight Port

The MetaPlex Optical Grade Polymer sanitary window collection is a new patent-pending product specifically designed for applications where glass is not the desired choice. Although there are other glass alternatives on the market, they simply can’t compare to the performance specifications found in the MetaPlex sanitary window:  

  • Only sanitary window on the market that offers the steel ring
  • Extremely strong and chemically resistant to acids, alkalis (caustics) and alcohols
  • Only plastic sanitary window that can withstand:
    • Temperatures up to 134° C
    • Operating temperatures to 100°C and
    • Operating pressures up to 150 PSIG
  • Glass-like transparency with enhanced safety
  • Stronger than competitor units that are all-acrylic
  • Durable enough for use CIP and SIP cycles

Metaplex offers simple and fast installation because of its sleek, compact, one-piece design.  In addition, there is no risk of glass fragments infiltrating the process media.  The MetaPlex can replace glass sight windows for applications where glass is not ideal to be used such as food/beverage processes.

Viewport Sanitary Sight Glass


The strongest, most secure sanitary sight glass indicator available, Viewport’s mechanically prestressed windows are available in a sanitary clamp design for sight ports in processing applications or inline visual flow indicators. Unlike some other sight glasses, Viewport sight glasses meet the USP Type 1 standard for pharmaceutical use. Described as offering the optics of glass and the strength of steel, these glass elements provide a level of safety, and a useful service life, well beyond that provided by conventional tempered glass or plastic used as sight glass indicators. Even at the most extreme temperatures (as high as 536° F) or in overpressure situations, sudden, total failure – that involving leakage or explosive shattering of the glass – essentially never occurs. Viewport windows are formed by melting borosilicate glass into a precisely formed metal ring. As the glass cools, it solidifies, preventing the metal ring from contracting back to its theoretical size. The result is a uniform, mechanically prestressed fusion of glass and metal that combines excellent optical characteristics with greatly enhanced physical characteristics. A standout of sight glass indicators, the Viewport discs have an uninterrupted surface with no crevice to trap bacteria, epoxies, resins, or glue – a true fusion. The standard surface finish is 10 Ra μ-in (0.25 Ra μm). Electropolishing available upon request.

LJ Star Sight Glass

METAGLAS® is made by melting borosilicate glass inside a metal frame, which results in the fusion of glass and metal.
Upon cooling, the glass solidifies and the difference in the linear coefficient of thermal expansion between glass and
metal produces forces that create a uniform compressive stress throughout the glass. The unique properties of METAGLAS® also make it ideal for use with hygienic systems. MetaClamps® are available as sight glass caps for sanitary clamp connections and In‑line systems.

Tri-Canada Compact Sight Glasses

Versilon Sight Flow Indicators

Versilon Sight Flow Indicators are used extensively in Food & Beverage Applications. Versilon Sight Flow Indicators are constructed with a translucent heavy wall FEP tube that permits visual inspection of conveyed material. The FEP tube will not break in high stress applications. Sight Flow Indicators allow flow, aeration, turbulence and cleanliness check. Saint-Gobain offers a wide variety of Sight Flow Indicators: dip tubes, liquid level indicators, inspection ports, Flare-Thru flanged sight flow indicators and caged FEP sight gauges.


Tri-Canada Strainers & Filters

Tri-Canada Strainers & Filters are used in various fluid handling applications throughout the Food & Beverage Industries.


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