Ensuring a Safe Fluid Transfer in a Variety of Applications

Tri-Canada offers a full line of standard and custom sanitary hose assemblies. With access to a broad range of product lines from top manufacturers, we recommend the best possible solution tailored to the needs of your process. As a leading single-source provider, Tri-Canada offers complete solutions which gets you into production sooner at a lower cost.

CRN Hose Assemblies provide traceability, safety, and integrity for your process. The CRN number is engraved on one of the fittings, signifying they were developed in compliance with the Quality Control Program and are approved by the TSSA.

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Our Products Include:

Custom Hose Assemblies

Custom hose assemblies are specially designed and fabricated hoses tailored to meet specific requirements and applications. These assemblies are created by combining different components such as hoses, fittings, connectors, and accessories to create a complete hose system that fulfills unique needs.

Custom assemblies are used for a variety of reasons, primarily because they provide tailored solutions to meet specific application requirements. Unlike standard off-the-shelf solutions, custom assemblies can be designed and fabricated to exact specifications, ensuring an optimal fit and performance. Custom hose assemblies offer enhanced performance and efficiency by incorporating features such as specialized linings, insulation, or abrasion-resistant covers. Furthermore, they ensure safety and compliance with industry standards, particularly in sectors like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, medical, and aerospace. Additionally, custom assemblies allow for seamless integration with existing equipment, accounting for routing challenges and incorporating the necessary end connections.

Ultimately, custom hose assemblies provide the flexibility and customization needed to optimize fluid transfer and handling processes across a wide range of industries and applications.

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Tri-Canada is a proud supplier of the top product lines for biotech, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. We partner with the best companies to bring you an unmatched array of components to meet even the toughest application requirements. From tubing to single-use assemblies to pumping solutions, Tri-Canada has the selection you need with expert guidance to match, ensuring you get the right product for your application every time.

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