GEMU Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

Gemu is a leading world-wide manufacturer of high quality valves, measurement and control systems. Fritz Muller established Gemu in 1964, and since that time, the company has developed internationally to now include manufacturing centres and engineering offices on every continent.

Gemu provides engineered control systems for a large number of sanitary applications including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets, food and beverage applications and fine chemical industries.

Please have a look through the following brochures for a valve for your specific application or contact Tri-Canada for assistance. Additional information on Gemu diaphragm valves can be found on their corporate website at


GEMU Conexo is an RFID system for unique identification of wearing parts, paperless maintenance, and process documentation. Watch this video to learn more!

2-Way Valves

2/2-way straight through valve bodies are the body versions used most often in industrial applications. Butt weld spigots and clamp connections are the most common connections in sensitive sterile areas.

T-Body Valves

T valve bodies are preferably welded into ring mains with the outlet in a vertical direction. This allows the working medium to be drawn off or fed almost deadleg free.

Tank Valves

Today tank valves are available in a large number of versions. They can be installed or welded into the tank cover, tank wall or tank bottom. Their main functions are for fi lling, sampling and draining the tank contents.

Automation Components

Intelligent process automation follows a comprehensive approach which comprises the control levels as well as also innovative components and valves at the field level. GEMÜ has been offering valves and precisely tuned valve instrumentation, controllers, sensor systems, valve actuators, and system solutions for process automation for some years now: It could be said that you take care of your process, we take care of the component interfaces.



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